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Since the SeeleN Testnet went live, the team has dedicated to optimizing the underlying architecture through R&D and testing. And in terms of functionality, SeeleN Testnet Wallet officially launched today and SeeleN Testnet is officially available to users. Users can experience the testnet wallet by visiting

The features of SeeleN testnet is being continuously tested as it will go live soon. Technically, the testnet wallet will go live in June, and the beta coin module will also be launched.

Currently, the SeeleN testnet wallet is at the final tuning stage. The testnet wallet with the test coin module can experience basic functions such as money transfer. After the mainnet wallet is live, users can experience more complete functions such as asset cross-chain, staking, and proposal governance through the wallet.

With the continuous improvement of SeeleN industrial blockchain system and the gradual deepening of application scenarios, the industrial application has begun to be realized step by step. Among them, the cross-border small remittance solution for overseas personnel gathering places has been initially completed and put into implementation.

Technology has developed…

Since the SeeleN testnet went live on March 30th, refinements have been made continuously to fully prepare for the upcoming mainnet launch.

In April, the SeeleN testnet will focus on parameter refinements, including staking parameters, mining parameters, penalty parameters, allocation parameters, etc., in order to achieve the best operating state when the mainnet goes live.

In early June, SeeleN testnet wallet will be live. The wallet is an indispensable step in establishing the SeeleN ecosystem, and the wallet releasing will also provide the basis for subsequent application development.

At the end of June, SeeleN test coin module will be live, and users can apply for test coins to further experience the basic functions of SeeleN testnet.

After continuous upgrading and improvement of the architecture, SeeleN testnet has been officially launched. With the launch of the testnet, the industrialization of Seele public chain has been further improved, which is one step closer to the release of the mainnet.

Seele public chain aims at industrial asset trading and…

To accommodate the industry structure and guide the development path, SeeleN released a new white paper and the new Seele public chain was unveiled.

Seele public chain aims to create a new global blockchain platform and ecosystem with the goal of industrial assets transactions and value transfer. Based on supernodes…

Since SeeleN has defined its industrial development path, project advancement and cooperation among all parties have been in full swing and effective progress has been made. …

After the arrival of 2021, SeeleN continues to accelerate its pace of implementation and seeks brand new innovation opportunities. It has successively completed significant events such as the listing of SNP on HBTC, the reaching of SEELE’s staking volume of tens of billions, and the inclusion of the HBTC industry…

On September 25th, 2020, the SeeleN industrial asset value exchange platform was officially announced. SeeleN has been committed to industrial development since then, not only the architecture layer upgraded, but also a series of industrial cooperation reached.

The SeeleN industrial asset value exchange platform is designed to bridge the gap…

In 2021, SeeleN’s industrial development pace will be accelerating again, and the industrial asset value exchange platform will continue to make efforts in the healthcare, financial and trade fields to continue to contribute to industrial development. …


Seele public chain adopts POS BFT consensus mechanism and unique privacy computing technology, which is more mature, stable and comprehensive.

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