Co-organized by SeeleN, the GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum will be Held in Hainan on November 10th

The GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province in China on November 10th. This forum is hosted by GDAC and Hainan Digital Transaction Research Institute, organized by Leben, EFFORCE, PolyChain Capital, BCH Ecological Fund, Anxin Charity Foundation, Digital Cash, and co-organized by SeeleN. Focused on “new infrastructure, new elements”, the forum will discuss related topics on how the digital economy can promote sustainable development.


GDAC, a technology-based association, adhering to the spirit of openness and homogeneous development, advocates the “3+2” partnership plan, “open technology, open finance, open data” and “green development and homogeneous development” and links large state-owned enterprises with small and medium-sized private enterprises to coordinate industrial upgrading and technological transformation. GDAC Forum has been held twice, focusing on the technological development and inclusive application of healthcare and financial services. The forum in this year is held in response to changes in the domestic and international situation and the major opportunities of Hainan Free Trade Port under the influence of the pandemic. More than 1,000 entrepreneurs from South China will attend the forum.

The forum is mainly divided into five parts: China’s New Infrastructure, Round Table Forum, Digital Economy and Sustainable Development, Signing Ceremony and Concept Machine Launch. Academic authorities, industry experts, research institutions, and representatives of world-renowned blockchain projects will be invited to gather together to discuss the bright prospects of new infrastructure and digital economy development in the forum.

Hainan Free Trade Port

The forum will be held in Hainan. On June 1st, 2020, China decided to build a Hainan Free Trade Port, and Hainan has therefore become a window to a higher level of opening to the outside world. At the same time, Hainan has been striving to develop the digital economy in recent years, which has attracted many enterprises to settle down. Choosing Hainan as the venue of the forum undoubtedly coincides with this theme.

It is believed that the forum will not only build a bridge between large state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized private enterprises, but also provide new ideas for the development of digital economy.

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