Co-organized by SeeleN, the GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum Successfully Held in Hainan

On November 10th, the GDAC 2020 Digital Economy Free Trade Development Forum was successfully held in Sanya, on the southern Chinese island, Hainan. This forum is hosted by GDAC and Hainan Digital Transaction Research Institute, organized by Leben, EFFORCE, PolyChain Capital, BCH Ecological Fund, Anxin Charity Foundation, Digital Cash, and co-organized by SeeleN. Focused on “new infrastructure, new elements”, discuss related topics on how the digital economy can promote sustainable development.

Participating Companies and Institutions
Interior Scene

The meeting is mainly divided into five parts: China’s New Infrastructure, Round Table Forum, Digital Economy and Sustainable Development, Signing Ceremony and Concept Machine Launch. Academic authorities, industry experts, research institutions, and representatives of world-renowned blockchain projects will be invited to gather together to discuss the bright prospects of new infrastructure and digital economy development in the forum.

Mr. Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University

Mr. Peng Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of SeeleN and Head of BCH Ecological Fund; Mr. Evan An, Chief Operating Officer of SeeleN and Senior Marketing Expert; Dr. Jeff Ho, Director of Welle Bank of Singapore Digital Bank, and Chief Industry Transformation Consultant of SeeleN, were invited to attend the meeting and gave speeches at the meeting. In the speech, Mr. Peng Wang and Mr. Evan An introduced SeeleN’s industrial development path under the digital economy trend and SeeleN’s sustainable development plan to all the participants. The lively speeches and rich content won rounds of applause.

Mr. Peng Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of SeeleN
Mr. Evan An, Chief Operating Officer of SeeleN

In the subsequent signing ceremony, SeeleN signed cooperation agreements with Welle Bank and LEBEN respectively. Nowadays, digital banking is in a stage of rapid development, and the competition for digital banking licenses in Singapore is also in full swing. In the era of digital economy, digital banks are naturally required to provide new models of financial services. SeeleN will also join the competition and cooperate with the digital bank Welle Bank to move forward together. The birth and development of the LEBEN is committed to providing a new platform for the construction of a credit system in the healthcare industry and reshaping the acquisition and iteration methods of medical knowledge, data exchange and sharing methods, and providing a more majestic impetus for improving the well-being of all mankind. The SeeleN platform will provide the most powerful infrastructure support for it.

SeeleN and Welle Bank Signed a Cooperation Agreement
SeeleN and LEBEN Signed a Cooperation Agreement

As the co-organizer of the third GDAC conference, SeeleN has not only been recognized by all participants in terms of project concept and development prospects, but also successfully conducted effective communication with many companies and determined cooperation intentions. Our grateful thanks to the supporters of SeeleN for always being there, please stay tuned for our community to get more project updates.

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