Mr. Peng Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of Seele — How will Seele enter the Field of Government Affairs After the Outbreak

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The Covid-19 pandemic in the first half of the year, not only had a negative impact on the world, but also promoted the development of a quite few of new industries. In the second half of the year, as the pandemic in China has been greatly alleviated, it can be said that China’s government system has played an irreplaceable role in fight against the virus, and the people’s dependence on the government has once again strengthened, which also puts forward higher requirements for the reform and optimization of the government system. In European and American area, countries are also actively seeking changes in the direction of government affairs after perceiving the impact of the pandemic. In the context of the gradual stagnation of e-government development, Seele is also pondering on how to enter the field of government affairs through blockchain technology.

Seele pondering on how to enter the field of government affairs

Mr. Peng Wang, chief marketing officer of Seele, said at one investor conference that Seele should rely on its fundamental advantages in data exchange to explore in multiple fields in the process of industrial development. In addition to healthcare, finance and trade that have made some progress, Seele should also explore the breakthrough points in other fields. Government affairs, as one of the areas in urgent need of reform that have re-entered people’s attention after the pandemic, obviously deserves more attention to think and explore.

Mr. Peng Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of Seele

As a national new district established by Chinese government, Xiong’an New District has started the exploration of blockchain government affairs in a very early time. As early as 2018, Xiongan New District built a blockchain rental platform. Housing information, landlord and tenant identity information, and rental contract information were all recorded on the chain, and multi-party verification was realized. Later, the blockchain management platform was launched to try to use blockchain technology to solve the problems of fund embezzlement, contract breach, low construction quality, and wage arrears in traditional engineering projects.

In addition, the anti-corruption problem, which is quite annoying and slow in implementation progress in other countries, can also be resolved through the blockchain. The current corruption and bribery problems are mainly caused by opaque information, non-sharing of data, unclear flow of funds, centralized control, and so on. Using the traceability and transparency of the blockchain, government departments can monitor the flow of various funds in real time, greatly reducing the risk of funds being corrupted;At the same time, using its characteristics of information sharing to realize real-time inter-departmental information exchange and resource sharing plays an important role in preventing corruption and strengthening the construction of a clean government.

Three Application Scenarios of Blockchain in Government Affairs

It can be seen that the specific application of blockchain technology in the field of government affairs can be roughly divided into three aspects: the first one is to optimize the process of government affairs, the second is to promote openness of government affairs, and the third one is fairness and verification.

Seele has accumulated a lot of experience in data exchange. Through blockchain data exchange, the theft and copying of information can be effectively avoided, and data security and authenticity can be guaranteed. In this way, it is possible to systematize the work among different departments, optimize government procedures, reduce government communication costs, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving government affairs capability and government efficiency.



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