Nerv Ledger’s Brand-New Website- to Build a One-Stop DeFi Platform Now LIVE

The new website of Nerv Ledger, the Berkshire Hathaway of the blockchain world, and an open, automated aggregation and asset management gateway, just went live.

Nerv Ledger’s website has been revamped with an upgraded color scheme to highlight Nerv Ledger’s attributes as an open, automated aggregation and asset management platform. The overall primary colors of the website are cyan and gray-black, accented with simple lines to better match the platform’s positioning. The upgraded functional layout of the website focuses more on serving users and enhancing the online operation experience with just several button channels to help users get started without any thresholds.

At present, the interface of the Nerv Ledger website is divided into four sections: Home, Roadmap, Documentation, and Launch Application, and supports switching between Chinese and English.

On the home page, you can see the introduction of the official website, SNP governance token schematic, official introduction video, Nerv Ledger product matrix, revenue details, and news content. In the roadmap interface, you can find the roadmap of the product. With the button on the top right corner of the website, you can jump directly to the mining pool and get SNP by staking SEELE.

As SeeleN and Nerv Ledger continue to grow, the functionality of SNP in the eco-application will continue to expand. Nerv Ledger will be committed to expanding the DeFi space, bringing longer-term value and revenue to holders, and providing users with a next-gen automated aggregated financial and asset management experience.

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