SeeleN DAO Participated in Token2049 in Singapore

SeeleN lately DAO was invited to participate in the Token2049 Summit event in Singapore, gathering global crypto technology experts, entrepreneurs, institutions, industry insiders, and those with a keen interest in the industry to share and exchange the latest industry insights and future developments.

The conference featured a wide variety of topics, from the advent of Web3 to the future of the metaverse, from the development of DeFi to the implementation of NFT, from a review of blockchain technology to the future of cryptocurrencies ……TOKEN2049 built a networking platform for cryptocurrency technology experts and enthusiasts with more than 7,000 participants, with over 2,000 global companies and over 250 sponsors making their debuts in Singapore. It is believed that TOKEN2049 is the largest and most well-attended event ever in the crypto industry.

Commenting on the success of the event, Raphael Strauch, founder of TOKEN 2049, said, “The constant interest seen in TOKEN 2049 in Singapore is a testimonial to the trajectory of our industry. I am confident that this conference will be one of the most memorable events in its history. This will be followed by a lot more highlights at the TOKEN 2049 London to be held in November later this year. ”

As one of the attendees of Cryptocurrency Week Asia, SeeleN DAO gathered key decision-makers and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for effective networking and learning, and in the future, SeeleN DAO will draw on these innovative ideas to introduce them to community expansion, and subsequently continue to build up a rich experience for its ecosystem.

About SeeleN DAO:

SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecosystem based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the eco-community. The ecosystem aims to incorporate and incubate high-quality projects in all fields, including metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DeFi, energy, etc. The development, construction, and governance of the whole ecosystem are coordinated and governed by all participants.



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SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecology based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the ecological community.