SeeleN-Eco DeFi Project Nerv Ledger Officially Announced

With the industrial development of SeeleN, finance has become one of its key areas of exploration. With the continuous deepening of the exploration, the concept of DeFi (decentralized finance) will also become an important part of the core concept in the development of the project. Through the research of market environment and the combination of its own development, SeeleN ecological DeFi project Nerv Ledger was officially announced.

Nerv Ledger Officially Announced

Nerv Ledger is an open and automated financial and asset management platform that integrates DeFi protocols to achieve traceability, openness and transparency of financial services, optimize user experience through platform products, reduce user costs, and help users capture the maximum value of DeFi.

Nerv Ledger Platform

Nerv Ledger was incubated by SeeleN team to build a one-stop DeFi asset management platform based on Ethereum, and it injects its ecological and community resources into Nerv Ledger, which will become a vital part of the industrial economic vision in the future. As an incubator to realize the vision of DeFi-linked industrial assets, SeeleN will participate in the initial development of the project. After the project matures, the governance mechanism will gradually transition to DAO, and finally it will be completely governed by the community.

As the DAO governance token SNP of SeeleN platform, it will also serve as the DAO governance token for Nerv Ledger and play its governance function. SNP’s ecological and mining value on SeeleN will give priority to injecting value into it.

DAO Governance Token SNP

In SeeleN ecosystem, SNP is generated by staking SEELE. By holding SNP, users can also get the income of the mining pool formed by SEELE and the income generated by the ecological project and can participate in ecological governance. At the same time, SNP, as the governance token of Nerv Ledger incubated by SeeleN, will also serve as a proof of project income to provide holders with income. In the future, SNP will be associated with more SeeleN ecological projects and continue to increase value.

Nerv Ledger platform will be officially launched in the coming days, please stay tuned.

About SeeleN:

The full name of SeeleN is Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform, which is composed of the integration of Seele public chain, industry capital-finance capital coupling module and industrial applications. Seele public chain adopts POS BFT consensus mechanism and unique privacy computing technology, which is more mature, stable and comprehensive. The industry capital-finance capital coupling module integrates digital identity systems, asset issuance management systems, and programmable transaction service systems to provide structural protection for industrial applications. SeeleN introduces the concept of DAO community governance, realizes dual-token ecology through governance token and functional token, and uses healthcare, finance, and trade as the main application scenarios to promote the vigorous development of industrial asset value.



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SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecology based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the ecological community.