SeeleN Testnet Went Live and Explorer Opened Simultaneously

After continuous upgrading and improvement of the architecture, SeeleN testnet has been officially launched. With the launch of the testnet, the industrialization of Seele public chain has been further improved, which is one step closer to the release of the mainnet.

Seele public chain aims at industrial asset trading and value transfer to create a new global blockchain platform and ecosystem. Based on super nodes, the BFT-POS consensus mechanism is applied to provide network stability and efficiency.

The SeeleN testnet explorer is now available and users can go to (data in the testnet is only test data and does not constitute a reference for future data on the mainnet).

On the homepage of the testnet explorer, basic information of the testnet is displayed, including the latest height, block out time, number of transactions, and verifiers, and the distribution of SeeleN governance token SNP can be viewed. In the explorer, transaction details can also be found by searching for block height, transaction hash and account address.

The Blocks and Transactions sub-page under the Blockchain tab allows you to see all the block and transaction data within the testnet.

After clicking on the validators (i.e. super nodes), users can see the verifier details, including the rate, voting weight, SNP staking volume. Users can also check the governance proposal related to the validator. The information will be further enriched as the campaign for the super node completed.

In the system parameters tab, all the relevant parameters of Seele public chain can be seen there. In the future SeeleN operation, the public chain parameters will be jointly decided by the super nodes by voting.

With the launch of the testnet, SeeleN enters a new phase of development, and the super node campaign and the launch of the mainnet will be commenced as scheduled.

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SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecology based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the ecological community.