SeeleN’s Industrial Data Exchange Platform Helping Accelerate the Development of Healthcare Industry

In 2021, SeeleN’s industrial development pace will be accelerating again, and the industrial asset value exchange platform will continue to make efforts in the healthcare, financial and trade fields to continue to contribute to industrial development. In the healthcare field, SeeleN will shape a new healthcare value system through a decentralized data sharing mechanism.

Many issues such as irregular diagnosis and treatment, unbalanced resource allocation, poor information communication,and lagging efficacy assessment system are widespread in the current healthcare system, which seriously restrict the sustainable and stable development of the whole industry. The main reason for this is that the traditional closed system has resulted in unreasonable credit mechanisms, circulation mechanisms, and benefit distribution mechanisms, or even the absence of them all. Specifically, healthcare resources with high research value cannot be used in a reasonable and compliant manner, and healthcare knowledge stored in doctors’ minds is difficult to be disseminated and shared.

SeeleN uses formal creation, verification and execution of smart contracts to visualize, share, interact and track healthcare knowledge, ensuring trusted sharing of healthcare knowledge throughout its lifecycle.

SeeleN has organically generated a visual smart contract with semantic information from healthcare industry knowledge and doctors’ professional healthcare experience, disease diagnosis and treatment process to support the diagnosis decision of more doctors and healthcare institutions. In this way, it greatly promotes the flow and dissemination of healthcare data and healthcare knowledge, better realizes the value of healthcare data, and better solves the problem of unbalanced global healthcare resources.

SeeleN so far has reached consensus on cooperation with healthcare institutions in several regions around the world to continuously promote the use of trusted exchange systems for healthcare data and to help develop the healthcare industry.

Seele public chain adopts POS BFT consensus mechanism and unique privacy computing technology, which is more mature, stable and comprehensive.