Upgraded Seele Carrys out Comprehensive Industrial Implementation

In the past year, Seele actively seeks breakthroughs, unremittingly improves its technical architecture and ecological environment, and completes four major upgrades in technology, ecology, resources, and capacity. Now, Seele is upgrading its brand, and its industrial implementation will be fully carried out.

New Brand logo

With the help of blockchain, smart contracts, cognitive computing and other technologies, the project has realized decentralized industrial data sharing and knowledge computing, which support many industry applications. Besides, it uses the power of digital infrastructure to promote scientific and technological progress.

In the recent development, the project will use medical, financial and trade as the main application scenarios, and conduct global transactions for data, knowledge and algorithmic properties.

The Project Will Focus on Medical, Financial and Trade Fields

Through in-depth research, the project team uses knowledge interconnection to solve system problems such as the structure, inheritance, and transfer of knowledge, and value interconnection to resolve conflicts of rights and interests in the process of knowledge release, dissemination, and use. Knowledge interconnection + value interconnection. The establishment of Industrial Data Infrastructure Exchange Platform is integrated to build a complete knowledge chain, which has spawned a large number of new applications and new interactive models. The core goal of the project is to solve the sharing, co-construction and win-win of data infrastructure from the infrastructure perspective, and to open up the channels for the exchange of resource properties and the value realization. The project develops a value exchange platform for global knowledge property circulation services and a financial infrastructure for data property trading platforms, and establish an open system of intellectual rights and interests with executive intellectual property as the core, thus an unified ecology of responsibility, power and profit in the process of globalization of new property is established.

At the same time, a brand-new project team will also inject power into the project and go further on the road to industrial implementation.

The project team members include: Dr. Jeff Ho serves as transformation and upgrading advisor and chief economist, who is guiding Seele’s transformation and upgrading, strategic planning and industrial integration; Dr. Justin Zhang serves as chief technology officer, who is responsible for the overall technical architecture of the project; Mr. Peng Wang, serves as chief marketing officer, who is responsible for the project’s ecological construction and cooperative development; Mr. Evan serves as chief operating officer, who is responsible for integrated marketing and operation management; Dr. Wei Bi serves as special technical consultant, who provides technical consultant support to Seele’s operating team; Mr. Amos serves as special industry consultant, who provides industry consultant support to Seele’s operating team.

New Project Team Accelerates the Industrial Implementation

It is believed that through the innovation of the project and the upgrade of the team, Seele will fully exert its efforts in the industry in the following days, and once again create resplendence.

Seele public chain adopts POS BFT consensus mechanism and unique privacy computing technology, which is more mature, stable and comprehensive.